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Imperfect make it PERFECT
18 April 2013 | 4:09 PTG | 0 Sweet Cupcake

I have not written anything in my blog for a while. I'll still post in my blog as I have the time and feel up to writing for it. Well, better late than never. But sometimes, if  im too "BUSY" OR MALAS act, I will still find something that I think interesting and share it. Like thiss one I just wanna SHARE a status on FACEBOOK, Can't get much simpler than copy/paste/post and done ! huhu :D
Di Saat Aku Ingin Bermesej Dan Bermanja Denganmu .. 
Kau Pulak Nak Tidur ..  Hello Kitty 2
Di Saat Aku Ingin Berjumpa .. Kau Pulak Takda Duit ..Hello Kitty 2

Di Saat Aku Ingin Jujur ..
Kau Pulak Semacam Tak Percaya ..Hello Kitty 2

Di Saat Aku Sakit ..
Kau Pulak Yang Terlebih Risau ..
Hello Kitty 2 

Di Saat Aku Merajuk ..
Kau Pulak Beria-ria Nak Pujuk..
Hello Kitty 2

Di Saat Aku Ingin Pergi ..
Kau Pulak Yang Terasa Sedih..
Hello Kitty 2 

Di Saat Aku Telah Tiada ..
Kau Pulak Yang Tetiba Mengalirkan Air Mata ..
Hello Kitty 2 

Di Saat Itulah .. Kau Dan Aku
Saling Merindu Selalu ..
Dan Di Saat Itulah Kita Akan SedarHello Kitty 2
Bahawa Cinta Itu Saling Melengkapi Antara Satu Sama Lain .. Hello Kitty 2
 love YOU ♥ ⌣ ♥ Hello Kitty 2

P/s : I think you'll understand. I'm very shallow and empty and I have no ideas and nothing interesting to say. :3