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I am tough enough
10 April 2012 | 11:36 PTG | 0 Sweet Cupcake
Hari ni, berlaku pembaziran air mata.. YEAH !! Trying not to cry, but then they ask "WHAT'S WRONG ?" and i can't stop those tears..I knew I could tell by the expression on my face that I was very upset. But believe me, i am a strong girl who keeps her stuff in line. Even when I have tears going down on my face, I always manage to say those two words I'M FINE.. Seriously, I didn't want to believe that he leave me on purpose.. I begged him not to go but he never care.. not even look at me.. I was terribly upset but I never cried, I never said a words. I didn't tell my friends because I didn't want to get them in trouble. But at the sounds of his words, my sensitive heart crumbled into pieces. Tell me he didn't do what I thought he did. But I knew it was true, I could feel a sob starting in the back of my throat, but I promised myself to hold on it. Then tears came, filling up my eyes and spilling over my bottom lashes. My lip started to quiver, and I knew a flood of tears was only seconds away. I flew out of the basement with my head in my hands and retreated to the bathroom to cry alone. I thought he was my best boyfie, THE BEST one i've ever had. Instead I found out the truth and what I learned was sad..Waktu semua orang berebut makanan, (makaroni kot, sedapp kan ?? siapa tak nakk kan ?? ) but I had no appetite anyway, I simply closed the box and sat silence for the rest of the lunch period..I couldn't concentrate all day, wondering why the day that was supposed to be okay had turned into the most #########... By the time all of my friends gathered around me to comfort me. It was beautiful sight to see them come together to express their love for me. Seeing all of them that were there for me, I realized that there was someone that would always be there for me no matter what happened..Luckily, this time around I felt comfortable enough to turn to my friends and family for the love, advice and security that only they offer. I immediately got chills all over my body.. Thanks to my friends for reminding me that you guys will always still by my side and never truly left me. I cried., but this time out of happiness.:D

# here I sit and write to release my pain :)

SYIFAK : She was the first person that came to me said everythings will be okay, she gave me a warm hug, waited for me in the toilet, and wiped away my tears
MIZA : SENYUM !! :D, tengok dia senyum pon dah happy balik, walaupun kita cakap kita okey, tapi kalau dah nama kawan.. dia tahu yang kita sebenarnya tak okey pon..
AWDADI : SUHA !! , jangan lah macam ni.. tak payah nak sorok lah, orang tengok pon tahu awak tak okey.. (kami lain kelas, tapi dia tetap ambil berat pasal saya)
YUSOF : ":Are you okay ?" he whispered, as he eyes caught mine..takpe suha, lepas je , aku pun dah biasa macam ni dah :)
FARID : Relaks lah, masalah dalaman memang kau je yang faham, orang lain tak faham.. Then he gave me a chocolate.. HAHA~~
FIKRI : Dia suapkan biskut nexus yang saya bagi kat dia, tapi dia potong n bagi saya 1/2.. I refuse but he said " makan lah demi aku" ohh sweettttt...and he said " awak, awak makan lah awak" (tapi ni time pujuk suha makan makaroni pulak)
SAFWAN : "ko kenapa ?" and dia backup suha waktu amir suapkan makaroni kat suha tapi kena tudung suha.. (oh kootoorr) he said to amir" ko ni kotorlah tudung dia" and waktu nak pujuk suha makan makaroni tu he said " sayang, makan lah, bia dah makan.. " eeuuuwww.. haha, tapi lawak..
AMIR : Dia yang ikut suha sana sini semata2 nak suruh suha makan, last2 suha makan lah jugak sesudu itupun lepas tudung suha kotor waktu dia pujuk, tolong suap makaroni pulak tuh.. then he sat beside me and asked me "kenapa suha menangis.."

(To my suprise, there was kindness in the way they was looking at me. It was as if they was saying sorry for what he was doing to me. I was deeply touced in the most extraordinary way )

I'll cheerish the memories that we have created, and whatever happens, I'll always remember that my friends helped me become who I am. In conclusion, I have to say...THANKS Y'ALL ( Safwan, Amir, Farid, Fikri, Yusof, Miza, Syifak, Qatrun, n Awdadi)