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Tutur katanya ceria, namun cerita hatinya tiada siapa yang mengerti :')

Hello World! Hello Fellas ! keep your smile alwayss! n welcome to my blog, please BE NICE ...:)(Y)


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I Do
04 November 2011 | 5:04 PTG | 0 Sweet Cupcake

l remember, when i first saw you, i thought you were weird. DIFFERENT. But when you would talk to me. I became your friend. *yah, friends* yelah, kawan jelah time tu kan.. we always text , when we talk it feels like everything is ok, hes the funniest guy in this world, and sometimes i feel like nobody understands.. then i would hang around after class wif my friends so i could just see you. I would bring up any excuse to be around you. I started to have crush on you, but i know you already have a sumone special to you.. i do think this is stupid..i told myself that i dont like u in that way but im not sure.. well who cares ?? life is about taking chances, falling in love, getting hurt and blah blah blah.. haha *kejam lah kaw..* takdelah macam tu kan.. and when u told me that you are unhappy wif your life, im tried to help you out from this situation, well its complicated but finally you made a choice by yourself.. mula-mula ingat kan dah settle lah kan.. tapi rupanya P.U.T.U.S.. whatta ?? at first i was shocked.. yahh, mmemang frust lah kan. but i tried to cheer you up again... i'll always be beside you until the very end, wiping all your tears away and being your bestfriends..atlez you wont feel alone.. oke, then when you told me that you love me and it was through a message, i dont know if i should run the friendship and move on to sumting.. i was literally shaking..well, i cant stand it anymore, u're all i want as u can see, the love from you is all i need.. i really want to spend the rest of my life wif u , i cant let u go, i will never surrender, NEVER !!..(IM YOURS) I'll push my luck..and now we're closer than ever, a bit more than just friends now.. i will always love you forever and ever, i will never let you go and i promise i mean it.. it doesnt matter what other people think, i wont hide our relationship.. we are now the happiest couple the world has ever know.."Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control." :]