GOTCHAA.. welcome to my blog, enjoy !! *peace (Y)
Tutur katanya ceria, namun cerita hatinya tiada siapa yang mengerti :')

Hello World! Hello Fellas ! keep your smile alwayss! n welcome to my blog, please BE NICE ...:)(Y)


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happy day...
19 Mei 2011 | 9:51 PTG | 5 Sweet Cupcake
I am very happy today, because today I had the opportunity to speak and see him all day at school .. why is he so cute? the cute? ERK, might not be so cute .. but he is still handsome to me .. ruuhi .. you realize it or not I really liked u .. but zashi admitted that he may have feelings on you if I did not give warning on her .. it makes me quite shocked .. but I know that she will not do so, because she already has a boyfriend ..